Wubmarine HUD and Power Ups Update

[singlepic id=6 w= h= float=center]We recently made some changes to Wubmarine.

  1. New HUD – The HUD has been completely redesigned. The old HUD was more of a placeholder while we still worked out what we wanted to put in there. While the new HUD shows the same basic information, it does so in a much more interesting and eye catching way. Important stats are not so easily lost in the background now. All your vital information is easily viewable.
  2. Power Ups – In the new HUD you will notice 3 circles around the combo area. These are your power ups. Power ups are earned by achieving certain combo scores.
    • Shield – Protects from being hit by a corrupted note.
    • Soundwave – Shatters and collects all on screen notes (including corrupted notes).
    • Magnet – Draws notes toward the Wubmarine for a short period of time.

We hope to have a new video showcasing the changes up later this week as well as a playable demo. So check back here for more details. Till then check out the new images.