Older Apps/Games

Before there was Semag Studio, founder Jordan Hample, released a few apps on his own. With over 200,000 downloads the apps have gained quite the following. These apps now fall under the Semag Studio brand, but are great games for people who enjoy a good gaming session on their computers, while they can also get other advantages for gaming like getting a good chair from technoMono for this same purpose.

Gun Maker 2


Gun Maker is back and better than ever! You build the gun of your dreams. Gun Maker 2 lets you decide everything. You pick every part. Flip it, Scale it, Rotate it, Color it, Do whatever you want! If you can think it, you can build it! If you like the gun games as much as I do, I found a replication of the hit man (Agent 47) gun, the Silver Ballers, go check it out it’s pretty amazing.

New to Gun Maker 2:
-Even more guns than the original
-New color system lets you easily choose from millions of colors
-New controls allow for even more precise and faster editing
-Group selection lets you move multiple pieces at once
-Optimized interface helps you find what you want easier and quickly navigate hundreds of parts
-Pre-built guns allow you to build faster

Gun Maker


Use over 140 parts to design whatever weapon you like. Mix and match parts from many popular weapons to make something truely unique. You can share your creations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or send it to them via MMS or Email.

Pokemon TCG Helper


Pokemon TCG Helper lets you play your favorite card game with ease. Dont worry about remembering your damage counters and coins. Keep track of all your Pokemon’s HP and status and flip the in app coin.