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Listen to New Wubmarine Songs

23 Nov 14
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Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates to the website lately. To make up for it, we added 4 new songs to the Wubmarine playlist on our Soundcloud page. All these songs are by our in-house artist, George Tagmire.

New Tracks:

  • Discovery Machine
  • Gray Matter
  • The Power of the Atom
  • Uncharted Ice

Updated Wubmarine Web Demo

30 Oct 14
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We recently updated our Wubmarine demo. The new demo has 4 songs in it. We also added a new power up, Slow-Mo. The power up system has also been revamped. Power ups are now rewarded for converting  5 corrupted notes. The new demo also has a sneak peak at what a boss battle will be like. The 4th song in the demo, “Gray Matter” has you battling a giant brain with cannons mounted to it! With only half of the normal visible space it takes some fast reaction to distinguish what kind of note is coming out of the cannons.


Also good news to any Mac users. We have solved the issue of notes not spawning correctly on Macs so you won’t be missing out on all the fun this time! The new demo can be found on our Wubmarine page here.

South Jersey Geekfest- 10/25

23 Oct 14
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This Saturday we will be at South Jersey Geekfest! Come by our booth and play our games. You can also win free swag like shirts and these cool glow in the dark Wubmarine glasses.

When: October 25, 2014
Where: Woodbury Heights Community Center 741 Helen Ave, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
Time:10am to 5pm
More info at

Wubmarine First Demo

22 Sep 14
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We are proud to announce the first playable demo for Wubmarine!
The first  demo has 2 songs/levels playable. The songs are “Solid Punch” and “Search for Truth” by our own GeorgeTagmire. Both songs are available to listen to on our SoundCloud page
Keep in mind the demo is a pre-alpha build so a lot will probably change for the final release. We are constantly adding new features so stay tuned to new updates to the demo!

The Demo has moved: Click HERE for the latest demo!

If you like what you played give us a vote on Greenlight!

Wubmarine HUD and Power Ups Update

08 Sep 14
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[singlepic id=6 w= h= float=center]We recently made some changes to Wubmarine.

  1. New HUD – The HUD has been completely redesigned. The old HUD was more of a placeholder while we still worked out what we wanted to put in there. While the new HUD shows the same basic information, it does so in a much more interesting and eye catching way. Important stats are not so easily lost in the background now. All your vital information is easily viewable.
  2. Power Ups – In the new HUD you will notice 3 circles around the combo area. These are your power ups. Power ups are earned by achieving certain combo scores.
    • Shield – Protects from being hit by a corrupted note.
    • Soundwave – Shatters and collects all on screen notes (including corrupted notes).
    • Magnet – Draws notes toward the Wubmarine for a short period of time.

We hope to have a new video showcasing the changes up later this week as well as a playable demo. So check back here for more details. Till then check out the new images.

Wubmarine is Now on Greenlight!

28 Aug 14
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Wubmarine has just launched on Steam Greenlight!
After completely redoing the game over the past couple months, we have just submitted Wubmarine to Steam Greenlight. Please visit the game’s page and click “Yes” to vote for us. After we get enough votes we will be able to put Wubmarine in the Steam Store when it is finished.

New Wubmarine Footage

13 Aug 14
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We just posted a new video! This time it is our first time releasing footage of Wubmarine since we started the 3D conversion. Oh, and its also a brand new song you can only find in Wubmarine!

Music From Wubmarine

30 Jul 14
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Here are some new songs from Wubmarine. Check back on our SoundCloud page for more songs later.

Kings of Cast Interview

25 Jul 14
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We recently met some fine fellows while we were at TooManyGames last month. A couple weeks later we got on Skype and did an interview with Ivan of Kings of Cast. We talked a little about ourselves, how we got started, the advantages/disadvantages of being indies, crowd funding, and much more. Give it a listen!