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New Game Announcement Trailer

We are happy to finally reveal some information on our next game, Super Battle Robocopter! SBRC is a

20 Apr 17 admin
Avignon Menu

Avignon: A Clash of Popes Released!

  We have released our first game as part of our work with Button Shy Games! Avignon: A Clash

03 Jan 17 admin

Eternal Grind Updates

We get a lot of questions about Eternal Grind. Yes, it is very much still in development. It took us

11 May 16 admin

Hoopity Stick Now on Android!

We are happy to announce that the Android version of Hoopity Stick is now available! For Free! Now y

10 Feb 16 admin

Hoopity Stick iOS Release

We are happy to announce that the iOS version of Hoopity Stick will release on February 5th! For Fre

01 Feb 16 admin

Indies vs Gamers Game Jam – Hoopity Stick

This weekend the studio took a little break from Wubmarine to participate in the Indies Vs Gamers G

20 Jul 15 admin

Wubmarine now on

You can now play the latest demo of Wubmarine on!

08 May 15 admin

You’re Fired! is Now Available on Game Jolt

You can now play You’re Fired! for free on Game Jolt. Now you can get in on all the action rig

12 Jan 15 admin

Eternal Grind Update – Sprite DLight

It’s been a long time since we talked about Eternal Grind. We always get tons of questions abo

26 Dec 14 admin

Happy Holidays!

Oops… forgot to make the post here. But it was on our Facebook and Twitter pages on time. Anyw

26 Dec 14 admin

You’re Fired! on Windows Phone

You’re Fired! is now available on Windows Phone! Get it today!

18 Dec 14 admin

Listen to New Wubmarine Songs

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates to the website lately. To make up for it, we added 4 ne

23 Nov 14 admin

Updated Wubmarine Web Demo

We recently updated our Wubmarine demo. The new demo has 4 songs in it. We also added a new power up

30 Oct 14 admin

South Jersey Geekfest- 10/25

This Saturday we will be at South Jersey Geekfest! Come by our booth and play our games. You can als

23 Oct 14 admin

Wubmarine First Demo

We are proud to announce the first playable demo for Wubmarine! The first  demo has 2 songs/levels

22 Sep 14 admin

Wubmarine HUD and Power Ups Update

[singlepic id=6 w= h= float=center]We recently made some changes to Wubmarine. New HUD – The H

08 Sep 14 admin

Wubmarine is Now on Greenlight!

Wubmarine has just launched on Steam Greenlight! After completely redoing the game over the past cou

28 Aug 14 admin

New Wubmarine Footage

We just posted a new video! This time it is our first time releasing footage of Wubmarine since we s

13 Aug 14 admin

Music From Wubmarine

Here are some new songs from Wubmarine. Check back on our SoundCloud page for more songs later.

30 Jul 14 admin

Kings of Cast Interview

We recently met some fine fellows while we were at TooManyGames last month. A couple weeks later we

25 Jul 14 admin

Wubmarine Gameplay

Here is some early pre-alpha footage of Wubmarine:

09 Jul 14 admin


We recently unveiled our newest game, Wubmarine. If you missed it here is a quick description: An in

21 Jun 14 admin

Amazon Deals

We are proud to announce that You’re Fired! has been accepted as part of Amazon’s Develo

17 Jun 14 admin

You’re Fired! Released on iOS

Now you can show the office who is “fired” on iOS devices. Head to the Apple App Store t

19 May 14 admin

You’re Fired! Now Available

You’re Fired! is now available on Amazon Fire TV and Android! Check it out at the links below

16 May 14 admin

South Jersey Geekfest

We had a great time at South Jersey Geekfest this weekend. Hope you had a chance to stop by and play

21 Apr 14 admin

You’re Fired Update

You’re Fired is entering the final stages now. Look for it soon on iOS and Android. And as a s

12 Apr 14 admin

You’re Fired!

Last weekend the team shut ourselves into our new studio and decided to have a little Game Jam of ou

29 Mar 14 admin

Gigahurts is Now Available on Android

Gigahurts is now available on Android! Even better, it is free. Both the Android and iOS versions of

25 Jan 14 admin

Eternal Grind Teaser Trailer

Check out the new teaser trailer for our upcoming game, Eternal Grind.

16 Jan 14 admin

Gigahurts Available Now

Gigahurts is available now on iOS devices. It will be coming very shortly for Android devices. Check

29 Oct 13 admin

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